Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Citroen Survolt (VIDEO)

French concept Citroen Survolt became one of the most unusual cars of a motor show in Geneva. It is not known, whether can transfer photos all aura of this car? Probably, no. For Survolt looks rather abruptly. As always, Citroens designers managed to make something unusual (we and love this mark for it), and thus them concept does not look, how any misunderstanding. The car has turned out very integral and that the most important thing, beautiful.

When you approach to stand Citroen Survolt it seems big. But actually it is rather compact car - from a nose to a tail only 3850 mm. It even is less, than at Volkswagen Polo or Citroen C3!

With what engine it is equipped yet it is not informed. Probably, any. It after all concept which is not obliged to have a high-grade suspender or a power-plant not so. It should show, in what direction the mark in the future begins to develop. If in such as Survolt, we only for. And still we for that Survolt has gone to a batch production. And in that kind in what it have shown in Geneva.

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