Jumat, 19 Maret 2010

2 Best-Selling Cars In America Toyota Camry & Corolla

2 Best-Selling Cars In America Toyota Camry & Corolla

Automotive world in the United States was up and down, still did not dampen duo Toyota (Camry and Corolla) as the best-selling car in 2009. Even the two sedans are also marketed in Indonesia that, in four major categories as the top-selling car in the Uncle Sam.

Toyota Camry for 2009, could sell as many as 356,824 units. While Toyota Corolla reached 296,874. When the two cars combined total sales to 653,698 units.

Compare with the national market only four-wheel 550,000 units a year range. Itupun from a variety of automotive brands in Indonesia.

With this condition proves that Toyota cars remain the favorite vehicle in America. Not only famous for saving in fuel consumption, the Toyota Camry and the Corolla is very comfortable and easy to drive.

Start engine performance and second performance sedan, is in accordance with the tastes of American society. Not surprisingly, over the years Toyota Camry and the Corolla remains the best seller.

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