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McLaren MP4-12C – all features of new supercar!

McLaren MP4-12C

Yesterday in Woking has been officially presented supercar MP4-12C and plans on the further expansion of a lineup are opened. As underline in McLaren, the beginning of manufacture of a novelty is, as a matter of fact, a birth of new mark of sport cars. Unlike legendary McLaren F1 (circulation – 107 copies), the new project is aimed at serial release supercars – to 4 000 pieces in a year. Besides, after MP4-12C the firm plans to exhaust variety of new cars and to impose struggle Ferrari not only on lines "Formula-1", but also in a car business.

It is expected that besides MP4-12C in scale McLaren will appear two more models with the same ideology: central-motor double coupes. Presumably, one will take a place on a step below 600-strong MP4-12C to compete with younger versions Porsche 911, and another marks at more expensive luxury category where will start to compete already with flagman Ferrari and Aston Martin. Also on the basis of MP4-12C there will be a cabriolet and even more powerful version of a coupe.

From the moment of publication first photos MP4-12C to the official premiere has passed hardly more half a year. And in this time the firm already has time to receive 1 600 forward orderings from potential buyers. Though a production plan the next year when sales, only 1 000 copies will begin.

In Woking knows, possession of supercar is a special way of life. Not only the limiting delight at the wheel, but also limiting complexities at service and repair. In due time British have amazed all: if McLaren demands repair, the technical expert of factory will take off to the owner a supercar for any point of the world. Such were Service conditions supercars F1. However, 35 dealer centres which will be engaged in sale of cars MP4-12C in 19 countries of the world too intend to amaze the clients. Still before the first car is sold to the buyer, the dealer is obliged to complete a warehouse of spare parts with all necessary details which only can be necessary. Thus if on a metre panel the indicating lamp testifying to this or that failure is fired, the driver can send pressing of one key the SMS-MESSAGE with an error code to the general database McLaren and simultaneously to the dealer that for arrival on service of the master had time to prepare all necessary and to make repair in the shortest terms.

The prices on MP4-12C are not declared yet, but according to preliminary data the sport car will cost from $190 000 to $270 000.

McLaren MP4-12C

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