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2010 Jaguar XKR

2010 Jaguar XKR 

With the introduction of the all-new 2010 Jaguar XKR supercharged convertible, Jaguar has finally crossed into supercar territory with the 510hp supercharged AJV8 engine.
Not only is the engine and powertrain world class, but so is the dramatic new styling, bonded chassis, suspension, brakes, plus new interior ergonomics, workmanship and materials.  The all-new XKR is competitive against the Aston-Martin Volante, BMW M6 convertible, and Porsche 911 Twin-Turbo convertible like never before.  It is awesome to drive with all the power under your foot, so stiff yet very comfortable, that I sometimes forgot I was driving a chopped top, so responsive to my every input, (acceleration, cornering, braking), and with every elegant item inside in its rightful place for easy use, the car shot straight-up on my list of outstanding all-new 2010 luxury sport 2+2 convertibles.Designed and built in house, the all-new XKR is completely reworked using the latest automotive high tech systems, and the finest, highest grade materials inside and out.

The new 5.0 liter Gen III V8 engine is almost 1in. shorter than the 4.2 liter V8, thanks to the relocation of the oil pump.  The aluminum block is now made via a high-pressure die-cast with cross-bolted main bearing caps.  The four-valve per cylinder heads are made from recycled aluminum, and the camshafts feature VVT activated by the torque motions of the valves themselves instead of oil pressure, enabling the oil pump to be reduced in size.  The engine also features what Jaguar claims is an industry-first direct injection system with centrally mounted, multi-hole, spray guided injectors.  The new supercharger is a roots-type, twin-vortex system blower with dual intercoolers and delivers 510hp from 6,000 to 6,500rpm, while max torque of 461lb.ft. comes on quickly, from 2,500rpm to 5,500rpm.  Jaguar says that the all-new XKR will sprint out to 60mph from a standstill in just 4.6sec.  Very fast, faster than any other XK-E from yesterday that sparked enthusiast interest at the time.  The all-new XKR keeps that tradition of building the finest sporting luxury convertibles alive and priced well under the competition.  Only one price, just $102,000.00 with all the super-luxury options.

Driving the new XKR is so much fun and exciting starting with the world-class chassis. The industry-leading lightweight architecture constructs the entire body shell (the internal chassis structure and external body panels), from a combination of pressed, cast and extruded aluminum alloy components.  These are riveted and bonded together using techniques first developed in the aerospace industry and adapted for automotive use by Jaguar.  The result is a body shell with a depth of quality that is rooted in the highest structural integrity.  It is also the lightest shell in its class by a significant margin, and the most torsionally stiff.  The all-round strength, remarkable rigidity and exceptional lightness underpin the magnificent, reworked wishbone suspension, and its inherent safety, durability and refinement-and of course, its precise chassis dynamics and high-speed driving capability.  Lightness benefits agility and agility with high performance defines the exhilarating yet refined nature of the new Jaguar XKR.

My seven-day test drive was behind the wheel of the XKR convertible and it was a treat every second.  The triple-lined fabric roof gives a level of fit and stability even at very high speeds that minimizes wind noise and other road noise and includes a luxurious Jaguar Suedecloth headlining that comes standard gives the appearance of being in the coupe.  The top can be powered up or down with the push of a toggle button located on the overhead console, in less than 18sec.  When the top is lowered, the convertible’s flush roof retracts completely into the bodywork behind the rear seats, under a smooth cover that retains the elegant, sporty lines of the car.  Nor does the convertible compromise the new car’s safety, for its rollover protection system, which remains hidden behind each rear headrest, is ready when needed to provide occupants with the highest levels of protection.

The beautiful trim and feature enhancements inside are highlighted by the JaguarDrive Selector, which is very neatly and elegantly placed in the center console.  The welcome to the car is also enhanced by new bright treadplate inserts.  Many of the other changes emphasize very high levels of Jaguar craftsmanship with new jewel-like touches.  The three spoke steering wheel now has a leather-wrapped lower spoke and Jaguar’s striking ‘growler’ badge.  The column tilts and the wheel telescopes for the perfect feel.  The new instrument cluster now emphasizes it performance character with red pointers but I would like to see four smaller gauges and a supercharger boost gauge so you can keep an eye on your levels during spirited driving.  The aluminum bezels give speedometer and tachometer a more elegant look.
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