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2010-2011 BMW Z8

2010-2011 BMW Z8

2010 2011 BMW Z8 roadster is pretty special on the road. It follows the unwritten rules of the roadster ethic: long bonnet, low waistline, rear wheel drive, two seats set close to the floor. In this BMW Z8 review, we provide more 2010 2011 BMW Z8 Series information than any other site on the Web. We also provide links to 2010 2011 BMW Z8 Series price quotes, so stick around! A few visits more, and who knows – the BMW Z8 could be yours.

To BMW dealers, experts or enthusiasts, the true wonder of the Z8 is the way the car performs on the road. Under the hood, a Double VANOS system electronically controls intake and exhaust valves to boost low-end torque and maximize top-end output. Around the hood, the body of the Z8 employs a mostly aluminum skin attached to an all-aluminum space frame, a new technology that maximizes chassis rigidity and reduces vibrations. Beneath this chassis, the BMW Z8 runs on a front-axle aluminum spring strut configuration with precise rack-and-pinion steering. The rear axle is constructed specifically for the Z8 to withstand the forces applied by the driver, the road, and 368 pounds per foot of torque. You can’t see these details in the average 2010 2011 BMW Z8 Series picture, but they’re there, and they’re worth every penny that accounts for them in the BMW Z8 price you’ll find on this site.
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