Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Ferrari F50 1997

Ferrari F50 1997

The F50 is dubbed on of the scariest cars ever made. It has a all carbon-fibre body and a stripped out interior coupled with a 4.7 V12 engine out of Alain Prost’s Formula 1 winning championship car. This really is F1 for the road. The cars monstrous and high-revving V12 engine puts out 513bhp and a top speed of 202mph. The F50 was made to celebrate Ferrari’s 50th Anniversary back in 1995 two years early. I found this stunning example (1 of only 349 ever made) in Dick Lovett Ferrari dealership near Swindon. It really is breathe-taking i the flesh. The paint is so thin on this car to save weight that you can actually see the carbon-fibre weaving underneath. The interior is so spartan but so racing car like that it intices you in for a drive. One of my favourite Ferraris. And the best drivers Ferrari ever made. Many critics say that the F50 is so much more fun to drive than the Enzo. And for the fraction of the price of one too. The Enzo stacks up at about a cool £750k-£1million whilst the F50 is about £300-£400k. The music is Gore by Jeff Dycke taken from the Need For Speed II soundtrack of which this car was the star of the 1997 game for playstation.

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