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2010 Toyota Land Cruiser

2010 Toyota Land Cruiser

You'll know the 2010 Land Cruiser from a distance, with its characteristic and classic styling immediately recognizable. It's not surprising or inspiring like some of its rivals, but as the established benchmark for the class, it doesn't need to be.

Function still takes precedence over form in the 2010 Land Cruiser-not that it's in anyway ugly. It's a look that's "unmistakably 'Land Cruiser,'" says Motor Trend, and though Car and Driver notes that Toyota eschews "heroic Nissan Murano-like experiments with the styling here," it's a refreshing change from its bulging-fendered competitors. Kelley Blue Book sums up the styling ethos of the Land Cruiser, declaring "when you're confident of your ability, you don't have to pretend."

Interior styling is a bit more forward-looking, though not always in a good way. The technology-heavy presentation occasionally seems at odds with the rough-and-ready nature of the vehicle itself. Edmunds calls the cabin "fresh" and notes its "enhanced features," compared to the previous model. Kelley Blue Book, on the other hand, complains that the main control surfaces "are awash with switches, gauges and displays; it will take owners some time to figure out what they all do."
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