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2010 Acura RSX

2010 Acura RSX

More than a sports coupe, The 2010 2011 Acura RSX is a driving experience that transforms advanced styling and performance into an adrenaline rush.  For some, buying a new 2010 2011 Acura RSX is an opportunity to dominate the open road. For others, those who add to their cars one of the popular the RSX body kits, the RSX is about being seen. Whichever category you fall into, we hope you like our 2010 2011 Acura RSX review. For all of the latest information on Acura coupes, please bookmark this page and check back frequently. New for this year, the RSX comes in two models - the RSX and the RSX Type-S and were designed with the driving enthusiast in mind. Both come with features such as: Powerful 2.0-liter engines that deliver up to 200 horsepower.

Take a look inside to corroborate our 2010 2011 Acura RSX review - a sporty interior that is punctuated with luxurious appointments throughout. Like the interior of a race car, the driver-oriented cockpit of the RSX wraps around the driver, each switch, control and outlet strategically positioned for intuitive interaction between driver and vehicle. 

In this regard, The 2010 2011 Acura RSX specs are improved over previous models, and is the best car Acura has ever offered. But underlying these graceful contours and invigorating performance of the Acura RSX is a foundation of safety. The RSX is designed to help you steer clear of trouble, to help protect you and other occupants in the unthinkable event of a collision, and to help protect your well- being and property when you leave it parked. Standard safety features include side-impact crush zones, airbags, pretensioning seatbelts, and more.

The 2010 2011 acura rsx offers superior suspension as well - a newly designed, independent Control-Link MacPherson front-strut suspension. If you are one of those individuals who believe that getting there is almost as important as your destination, The 2010 2011 Acura RSX Type S is designed just for you. And for some, buying a new 2010 2011 Acura RSX is an opportunity to dominate the open road. Both engines offer 16 valves apiece, and lightweight aluminum blocks and heads for durable and reliable performance at every turn. Whether leasing or buying a new 2010 2011 Acura RSX dealers agree, excitement and pure driving enjoyment follows.

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