Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Custom 1957 Chevy is the ultimate 1589 horsepower sleeper

As we walked among the custom hot rods and muscle cars of the Grand National Roadster Show this past weekend, there was one particular car that caught our eye. It wasn't so much the exterior of the '57 Chevy that commanded our attention, although the two-tone silver and gray paint job did look quite attractive. It was more the massive dual turbos lurking underneath the hood that causes us to walk over and take a closer look.

What we discovered was one heck of a sleeper. In fact, the car is actually nicknamed "57 Sleeper" by its owner, Tim Kerrigan, founder of Red Line Oil. Built by Dominator Street Rods of Tracy, CA, this '57 Chevy is packing a twin-turbo, 540ci V8 with... drum roll please...1589 horsepower and 1508 pound-feet of torque. The car is built on an Art Morrison chassis and features other goodies like Wilwood brakes, custom 3-inch headers, and Schott Performance wheels.

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